Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lemon Drop Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Since before I was 2 my family has spent nearly every single Easter Sunday at our friends home. Every year, including this one, there is an Easter egg hunt; it's a tradition. For this Easter, I made lemon drop cupcake. Again, I found a recipe in the same magazine as the cinnamon bun cupcake, however, I altered it a bit. I might alter it again, to get a more unique lemon flavor next time, after all these are lemon drop cupcakes, not just lemon.

These cupcakes had a light lemon flavor, not too overpowering. The frosting was lemon flavored to enhance the lemon flavor but also giving it the creamy texture to contrast the cake. The bunnies are made out of a marshmallow fondant and the eggs are Jordan almond candies.

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