Saturday, August 23, 2014

Market Foray's Four Course Food Lesson

The Non-Edible Cupcake Pincushion

For Christmas, I made this felt cupcake pincushion for my grandma who loves to sew.  Though you can't eat it, it still looks pretty sweet, right?  

Super Bowl Jack Party

Baby Chick- Deviled Eggs

Ok so this isn't technically a dessert, but they are pretty cute!  Makes you really not want to eat these deviled eggs though!  Check #pinterest for this inspiration!

Cinco de Mayo Piñata Cake

Thanks to my former co-worker, Emily, this piñata cake was such a great addition to the cinco de mayo party we attended!  I don't think I need to walk you through this one, as the picutures explain it all!  I have to say, it's pretty fun to see the expression of your friends when the first person cuts into this cake!

Bruin Ph.D Graduation

Graduation Cupcakes!!!  Ninety cupcakes- four flavors-one two-layered cake.
Congratulations to Dr. Marc and Dr. Gina!  #UCLAbruinGrads

Future Softballer Baby Shower

I was so honored to be asked to make softball inspired cupcakes for one of my best friend's baby shower.  Since my friend is also one of my former college softball teammates, we have a good feeling her daughter is going to follow in her mama's footsteps!  These strawberry and vanilla cupcakes were decorated with "team Liliana" pendants, softballs & hearts, and softball gloves w/ baseballs, all made from edible molding clay aka fondant :)

Birthday Request: Banana Cream Pie Cupcake

As a request from the birthday girl, this banana cream cupcake is semi homemade but more than semi delicious.  Had really no idea how this would come out as I really had no clue how I would make this taste like a banana cream pie.  I really wanted to be able to capture the vanilla waffer cookies, the vanilla cream, and the banana (bananas have a tendency to overpower other flavors, just and FYI). So for these, I went semi homemade... Box cake mix (vanilla).  Made the cake according to the directions.  For the frosting I added a ripe banana to a container of store bought vanilla frosting (the amount of banana can be judged by taste).  The vanilla and fresh banana gave the frosting a really smooth flavor with a nice creamy texture.  Once the flavor was right, I crushed vanilla wafers and mixed that into the frosting (again, do this to taste).  Once each cupcake was frosted, I sprinkle the top of each cupcake with the remaining crushed wafers.

For not having a real plan, I have to say these came out better than I thought.  I'm pretty sure our birthday girl liked them, along with my coworkers, as they did not last long in the tray! :) if you love banana cream pie, I recommend you try this super simple additions to store bought products!  

Apple Pie Pops That Ended Up Being Apple Pie Cookies

I sort of failed at the whole pie pop thing as these were just too heavy to be on a stick...  

Honestly, no real recipe here.  Bought a box of prenade pie crust dough, a can of apple pie filling, and pureed an apple.  Mixed the puréed apple with the pie filling, used a cookie cutter to cut circles into the pie crust, placed about a tbs of filling in the middle of one dough circle, placed another dough circle on top and pinched the ends together with a fork.  I brushed egg over the top of each pie cookie and sprinkled raw sugar on top.  Baked at 425 until brown.  While they were pie pops as anticipated, they did taste like mini apple pies!  

Hand Dipped Chocolate Pretzels for Mother's Day

Thanks to my love for chocolate covered pretzels... In the midst of making 9 jars full of these little devils, I probably ate a full jar's worth in the process!  Happy Mother's Day to all the moms (in every sort of way) out there!!!!!