Friday, April 1, 2011

The Sunshine In My Kitchen!

Let me begin by letting you know this is not one of my typical dessert blogs. I love to talk about my son and how he inspires me. What is better than having a little bit if that inspiration in my kitchen.

I found this wall decal and I thought it would be great over the stove, where I like to spend my time baking. It is the saying, of this wall art, that brings so much more meaning to my life. Since Shane's passing, the sunshine always reminds me of my baby boy looking down over me. Let me explain: The day before Shane was born, it was overcast and cloudy; I had spent the majority of that day at the doctor's office and hospital because they had to monitor my blood pressure. They had informed me that the baby would probably be early and I prayed that he wouldn't come on that day because it was such an ugly, gloomy day. The next day, the doctor decided to induce me and I was so happy to be in a room that was full of beautiful sunrays. Gloomy days always make me sad and nervous as they are always soo gloomy, and since the idea of labor scared me so much, I just don't think I could mentally handle having a baby on a yucky day. Luckily Shane was born on a beautiful sunny day and he was even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

The sunshine has never meant more to me than now. Shane passed away in the middle of the night, but on the day of his memorial service, the sunshined so bright and beautifully, I remember it being one of the nicest days we had had. Shane makes me such a proud mom and he is the inspiration in my life. He inspires me to live for my dreams and creating desserts is all part of these aspirations I have. I've said it before, that with desserts come happiness and with happiness comes laughter. What is a better saying for my kitchen, where I create desserts than "Laughter Sparkles Like Sunshine". Desserts create happiness-> happiness=laughter, and it all sparkles like rays of sunshine, which is always my handsome boy looking over us.

Sunshine, or I like to think of it as: My SunSHANE!


  1. I know that I also think of Shane on beautiful sunshaney days :) He is an amazing inspiration and that decal looks amazing. Perfect fit!

  2. I love it Dana. I always think of Shaney on sunny days, too. It reminds me that Shane and Aiden are in Heaven playing in the sun together ♥

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  4. You are my sunshine, too!
    I thought of you and Shane today, it was such a lovely day! A good friend made a VERY generous donation in Shane's honor to his foundation today.

  5. I love it D...and I love you!