Friday, April 1, 2011

A Chocolate Peanut Butter Gfree Gooey Goodness

We are going over to our friends’ house tonight for dinner and I asked her if I could bring a dessert. She said she voted for the peanut butter banana split cupcake on my poll, but since that poll hasn't closed yet, I thought I would try to make a chocolaty peanut buttery dessert for her anyways. I really enjoy flour-less cake, it is always so rich and moist and fluffy. I know desserts aren't the most health conscious, however, eliminating the flour is just one less thing our bodies have to worry about.

For this recipe I made 2 different types of ganache. I made a peanut butter ganache and a chocolate ganache. Ganache is defined as a cream base mixed with chocolate. For this cupcake I thought I would make a rich filling to ooze from the middle of the cake made out of peanut butter. Because I wanted it to be an oozy filling, I mixed peanut butter and cream with a touch of powdered sugar for sweetness. For the cupcake's topping, I made a chocolate ganache and put that in the refrigerator to solidify. Typically ganache is used in it's liquid fashion for it's melty chocolaty gooeyness (you like that? haha) and often times served warm, but since this is for a dinner at our friends’ house, I wanted it to harden a bit and act as a rich chocolate frosting. I placed both ganaches in the fridge to cool. The chocolate ganache solidified more than the peanut butter, which is exactly what I wanted to achieve.

For the flour-less cake, I used a double boiler to melt down a stick of butter and a half cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Once that was melted down, I added 3 eggs (beaten), sugar, cocoa and vanilla. A flour-less cake batter differs from your typical flour cake, as it’s texture is more “rubbery” than “liquidy”. I filled the cupcake pans about half way and placed them in the oven at 300 for 25 minutes. The cupcakes rose quite a bit, but once they cooled they went down; next time I will add more batter to each cupcake.

After the cupcakes cooled for 10 minutes, I filled each center with the peanut butter ganache. Because flour-less cake is less dense, you can see the cake rise as the filling is being pumped in. I placed these directly in the refrigerator to help cool the cupcakes more.

After the cupcakes cooled completely, I used a#22 frosting tip to frost the top of each cupcake. Next time I will definitely use a bigger tip as it did not create the thickness I wanted and some of the chocolate chips (which didn't melt down entirely) clogged the tip at times (had to use warm water to de-clog).

I sampled the cupcakes and OMG! they were so rich and yummy! These cupcakes are definitely meant to be eaten with a spoon, as the inside is very gooey. Hopefully our friends will enjoy these rich treats tonight! :)

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