Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day Donuts

I bought this really cute mini donut pan from my friend Kim who sells Avon. Can you believe Avon sells baking stuff? AwesomeNESS! (If you want Avon ladies, I will give you her info) Anyways, our friends and their son are coming over for the game tonight and I thought I would test out the mini donut dish. So here are some pictures of the first batch I have made. These are just chocolate cake donuts. I used a mix I got from Christmas (don't worry it is still good). There are 3 diffferent types of chocolate cake donut: the first is simply rolled in powdered sugar, the second are just left plain, and the third one is dipped in a white powdered sugar frosting (I like to use this frosting for sugar cookies because it is light and coats easily)and I drizzled them with blue powdered sugar frosting, as it is opening day for the DODGERS! No orange in this household! Go BLUE!

For the powdered sugar recipe, all I use is powdered sugar, milk and vanilla (all pretty much to taste and consistency desired :) ). Oh and p.s. if you don't want the white powder to show through (like in the frosting donuts) just keep mixing the frosting until there are no visible sugar clumps. I just didn't take my time here :)


  1. I just showed Arce your blog and he wants to know what you charge for a dozen donuts...with his face on them! ha. Just kidding but really he wants one of each thing you have posted about :)