Monday, March 28, 2011

Cookies for Halle

For my friend Heidi’s baby shower, I thought I would make her favorite pregnancy treat, white chocolate & macadamia nut cookies for favors. For these cookies, I used both granulated sugar and brown sugar to sweeten these treats. I then chopped white chocolate chips to add more sweetness to the batter. Since macadamia nuts are so big, I crushed them down so that the cookie would have a softer texture.

For the decorations I just made simple flowers using an icing tip (I will add the number of the tip later) and royal icing, so the flowers would not get smashed easily.

The cookies came out a little flatter than I expected, but I almost feel like it was for a better cookie. They were very sweet and Heidi said she really enjoyed them, which meant Halle was one happy girl, and that is all that mattered right? :)


  1. I loved them! And they smelled amazing.

  2. I agree with aAngie they were amazing! I liked them so much I stole Casey's extras! opps! :) If you ever want to make more we will be happy to eat them! :)