Monday, March 21, 2011

Hamburgers and Cake?

My husband's favorite food is a hamburger, so for his 27th birthday (which was actually a year ago) I gave him a hamburger for dessert!

Don't worry, these hamburgers are not the savory kind; nope these are actually very sweet. In order to make the buns I used two "muffin tops" from two cupcake. I guess I could have used the bottoms too, but I though 2 tops looked better. The cupcake top was made out of a butter cake recipe. The frosting used to create the look of ketchup, lettuce, and the meat patty was a vanilla based frosting with food dye added. I saw this on the food network recently and they added raw sugar crystals to create the sesame seeds that are often on top of hamburger buns. I think I might use this idea the next time I decide to make these.

These desserts definitely made people laugh and they were a tasty way to celebrate Mike's 27th birthday!

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