Monday, March 21, 2011

It's a Dirty 30...

Happy 30th Birthday to Arce. Arce is one of Mike's best friends and his wife Heidi is really like a sister to me. Both Arce and Heidi were our roommates in college. They started dating a couple of months before Mike and I did it was just pure AWESOMENESS because we went on double dates to the wax museum...hahaha ok maybe not funny to anyone who reads this, but it was a super great memory for me.

For Arce's dirty 30, we decided to surprise him with a dinner to his favorite place in the world, a place that holds so many college memories for all of us, you know who you are: Heidi, Arce, Mike, Casey, Robin, Folmer... DAVE n BUSTERS! It's like Chuck E Cheese minus the kids AND with a full bar! Woo hoo, but unfortunately we couldn't take him to the one in Milpitas, CA, (where we spent so many weekend nights) instead we surprised him at the one in Irvine.

In honor of Arce's BIG 3-0 I decided I had to make Arce cupcakes. Since I was creating a cupcake that would essentially look like Arce, my first place was straght to the drawing board, literally. I sat down at my dining table and sketched out a caricature of Arce's face. Once that was established I started to make the cupcakes. Heidi said, Arce's favorite flavor was chocolate chip so I made him a chocolate chip cupcake with a butter cream frosting. I used yellow and red food coloring to establish the flesh tone for the face of the cupcake. Once each cupcake was layered with the frosting I melted down milk chocolate chips and added them to the butter cream. The chocolate naturally dyed the frosting brown and I used that to create the hair and facial features.

The cupcakes were consumed after Arce had had a couple of drinks and after he Hardcore Parkour'd his ankle in the parking lot, but he did say they were tasty! Heidi said they were yummy and she was 6 month pregnant! Glad baby Halle liked them!

Check out the cupcakes and tell me if you can see a resemblance.

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  1. Wow! These are fantastic! I'd love to see a Jon Garrett cupcake for his big 3-0 which is right around the corner.