Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby Girl Baptism Cake

After Jack's Birthday Party I was asked to create a cake for a baby girl's baptism. Actually, it was for 2 baby girls.

The order was for a butter cake with a lemon custard filling and butter cream frosting. The only specific requests given for the decorations were for 2 baby angels.

In order to create the angels, I melted down Airheads and molded the bodies. The pictures I captured are not great quality, but the babies both have what should appear to be pink diapers. For their eyes I used a toothpick and food dye for one, and small blue pieces of and Airhead for the other. The angel babies both have a nose and ears molded from Airheads, though the camera does not really show it. The two baby angels have thin wings made out of royal icing and are sitting on fluffly white clouds also made out of royal icing. It was important for these babies to not move, especially the wings, and also for the clouds to keep shape, so royal icing was the perfect choice. For those of you not familar with royal icing, this icing is quick drying and dries hard. It is important that you work quickly with this frosting if you don't want to end up with clogged frosting tips. Also, you should use parchment paper over wax paper to create your decorations on. You can save these decorations in an air tight container for quite sometime for future decorating purposes.

The cake is decorated with pink and purple plumeria flowers, also made out of royal icing. I think I went a little overboard with the flowers, but again, you live and learn right?

The cake is piped with buttercream frosting dyed with food coloring. The writing is also done with buttercream.

For the custard filling, I used a jello custard pudding mix, I really just followed the box instruction as I have never made a custard and really didn't want to screw that up. Though I have to note, if you put the custard in the refrigerator right after being heated on the stove it coagulates, which can pose as a problem when trying to spread it between layers of cake.

I hope they enjoyed this cake :)

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  1. Dana! I am truly impressed by you and your skills...So proud of you and everything you have created! Now, the important question, can I be your official taste tester when you open up your dessert shop? Sign me up PLEASE!