Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shane's Heart Cupcakes

Yesterday we had a board meeting for Shane's Foundation, I am so excited about the major projects that we are getting involved in and it makes me so happy to see Shane's life leave a positive impact in this world. One of the reasons we started this Foundation is to create awareness of Congenital Heart Disease and make early scans of the heart an important step in prenatal care. While Shane's Heart is participating in a Congenital Heart detection symposium in October, we are also going to be doing a major fundraiser in the month of September to help pediatric cardiology patients. The fundraiser will include raising money for gift cards to help families and patients of UCLA's pediatric cardiology. Since UCLA is one of the BEST in the nation, people travel from all over to get their children the best care. Hospital stays can be a difficult time for families, whether that is travel expenses, food expenses and even overnight expenses. Every parent should be able to be with their child while they are in the hospital and if we can assist in that way, that is one way Shane's Foundation wants to help. I know this is my dessert blog, but I was so excited about this I just had to share. The website has not even been updated yet, so consider yourselves VIP of Shane's Heart news :) Later this month, check the website for further details and updates on these projects.

Onto these desserts:
In the month of July, two of my friends and fellow board members had a birthday, so to celebrate Chris and Karen's birthday I made some cupcakes with the Foundation logo on them. I made the cinnamon bun cupcakes that I made for Easter brunch and I decorated them with a simple vanilla frosting topped with a white chocolate disc with the logo pipped on it. Unfortunately Karen couldn't make it but I sent her this picture to let her know we were celebrating in her honor!

Most of the time, I like to experiment and create recipes of my own, but this one is just too good to alter or even try to duplicate in my own way. So I found the recipe online and I want to share it with all of you, because these cupcakes are really SOOOOO good!


  1. Aww yay! I'm glad you enjoyed them! xoxo

  2. yum!!! Jay didn't bring me one!! But those macarons were yummy!! Love the logo-awesome job! I want a bridesmaids cupcake!!