Monday, July 30, 2012

Zoe in Wonderland

My friend Theresa asked me to create the birthday cakes for her daughter Zoe's 1st birthday. The theme was Zoe in Wonderland, mimicked obviously after the Disney movie "Alice in Wonderland". If there is one word to describe my friend Theresa, it's creative. She had the cutest decorations splashed around the party site. From pictures of Zoe in paper red roses placed on the green hedges (to represent the Queens red rose bushes) to table arrangements full of the imaginative youth of little Alice, Theresa's precision truly captured the playful theme of this story.

Theresa sent me some pictures of ideas that she had for the cakes. Since it was a 1st birthday, a "smash cake" was requested, so what's a better cake than a giant cupcake? For the smash cake I used a giant cupcake mold (which I don't really recommend outside the use of a smash cake or a cake strictly used as decoration. Perhaps it's the oven I use, but the giant cupcakes tend to need more time for the middle to cook, therefore, the outsides get over cooked). For the giant cupcake I used a frosting tip 233 to create the image of the grassy hill in which Alice was placed upon. For the mini cupcakes I used mini vanilla wafers as a surface to pipe the small words "eat me" to mimic the little cakes Alice ate that makes her big and small, and I used a 13 tip to create a bed for the cookie. For the regular cupcakes I alternated a giant swirl of pink and purple frosting (to mimic the colors of the Cheshire cat) with a larger round tip. Theresa bought mini figurines of the major characters to decorate the table with as well as an Alice to top of the smash cake.

Zoe wasn't sure what to make of all the green frosting, but she sure looked adorable smashing it up!

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