Monday, July 30, 2012

Chocolate Banana Cupcake

My mother-in-law is really into fitness and so is her twin sister. So for their birthday I decided to go the "healthier" route (hehe) and fill their birthday desserts with some potassium. :)

I made a banana cupcake and debated on a peanut butter or chocolate frosting. I think these would be amazing with a peanut butter frosting but I decided to go with a classic chocolate. The bananas made this cupcake so moist and soft. I saved one banana from being smashed up in the batter and I sliced it up and made banana chips for a garnish. Banana chips are funny. They take a while so if you decide to make some be prepared to let them bake for a few hours. I however, didn't have hours so I cranked up my oven to 400 and let them bake for an hour. These weren't the best, but it still looked good :)

Note: find an actual banana chip recipe... My strategy was a hail Mary!

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