Monday, July 30, 2012

Halle J's Big Day

Halle J is one of my closest friend's baby girl. In fact I consider Halle a niece and her mom my sister. For her first birthday, her mama allowed me to design the cupcakes for miss Hal's big celebration. Heidi decided she wanted to have a cupcake themed party. What a great theme! Do you realize how many cupcake things there are for decorative purposes? Heidi had wooden cupcake centerpieces made that spelled out Halle's name; it was adorable! So for the cake...

Cupcakes are SO appropriate! However, a simple cupcake would just be too I decided that these cupcakes needed to be decorated with another cupcake to truly capture the theme.

The giant cupcake was made for the smash cake. I used a regular cupcake to top off that one, and for the regular cupcakes, I used mini peanut butter cups to mock the base of a mini cupcake. I used a variation of star tips to swirl the cupcakes tops and colored sprinkles to add a splash of fun!

Halle gave me the thumbs up after she dove into her birthday cake!

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