Monday, July 30, 2012

Mint Chip Cupcake

So my summer mission has been to create specialized cupcakes. Regular chocolate, vanilla etc... are just too typical, and if I'm ever going to get my own #foodnetwork show or at least become a contestant on #cupcakewars, then I need to develop more flavors. ;)

The first request I got was for a mint chocolate chip cupcake. I used a chocolate base cupcake with a splash of coffee. I filled each cupcake with a chocolate mint ganache and then topped it off with a mint frosting folded with chocolate shavings. I tipped each one off with a piece of chocolate; however, I would have preferred a mint leaf. The mint chip frosting tastes like ice cream cold! :)

Variation: top cupcake with mint ganache then add frosting. The min ganache was also delicious cold!

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